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Our Achievements

Belly Dance India is the only organised association in India which takes care of the quality of performers being presented before the Indian society. We manage talents who are unarguably the best in their fields of work. We have best partners and associates in town with whom we drive our business including dance studios, fine dine lounges, artiste management companies, event management companies, wedding planning companies. So far we have been able to gratify all those who have been connected with us. We have been able to impart Belly Dance workshops regularly in different parts of Delhi, with trainers having more than 10 years of international experience. We are proud of our contribution towards the field of Belly Dancing.

How we Formed

Belly Dance India is a talent promotion organisation established under the wing of Imagination Infratech Pvt. Ltd. We help you nurture your event with the right kind of artistes. From Egyptian Folklore to Bollywood Patakhas, from Burlesque naughtiness to the elegant Indian Mujra we serve mind blowing performances on a silver platter for you to create a decadent event. Belly Dance India is also into imparting advance level education to people who are interested in learning this beautiful dance form. Belly Dance India gives you highly experience trainers from across the world, who are inclined to make you learn in the most sophisticated manner possible. These trainers are world renowned choreographers as well as performers. Performers such as Fadima Jones, Najla Raqs, Bella Jovan, Meissoun, Amira, and many more who have been attached with Belly Dance India are engaged to organise classes, workshops and festivals from time to time in New Delhi.

Our Future

Belly Dance India looks itself at a position where it is able to help international dancers coming to India on formal contracts with any information they need. And vice versa. We wish to tap the best Belly Dance talent in India as well. And we would like to call on profiles from all attached with this varied field of dance. We wish to be able to change the scenario and mindset of people thinking Belly Dancing as a non-decent dance form. Belly Dance India has worked and will keep on working to improve this situation. Where a family can sit together and watch the dance form in its purest form.

"We really enjoyed watching them play. Amazing Gig!"
Jordan Rudess

All AboutThe ArtistsWe Represent


Formed in 2002

2 Albums

Whats the Story? Najla’s passionate and graceful style has made her a favorite performer of Oriental, Hula, and Cabaret dance in the Seattle area and abroad. She is known for her natural and precise technique, unique choreography, and playful attitude. She is the Artistic Director of award-winning Fleurs d’Egypte Dance Company. Her experience spans twelve countries and well over a decade. She was also selected to tour with the Belly…


Formed in May, 2000


True artists can never be fabricated in a factory. They are just born. The only other compelling idea for them is to recognize their own calling. Elena Belova is one such artist. Born in a small town Yurga in enchanting land of Siberia, Russia, Elena dedicated last 14 years of her life to dancing, performing and mastering the nuances of unbounded ocean of performing arts. A qualified Master of Business…


Formed in 1997


Fadima Jones As an oriental girl, Fadima wants to attract her audience with her naturalness, her elegance and her temperament. She uses oriental dance to make a story out of music. With the help of the body control and the emotions she puts in her dance moves, she creates a show that is filled with passion! She always tries her best to make an unforgettable show. The reason why she…